Life Insurance within Superannuation

Are there benefits to holding Life Insurance within Superannuation? It is widely considered that holding certain types of Life Insurance within Superannuation is acceptable practice. For some people, this is the only personal risk protection they have. The types of insurance typically allowed is restricted to policies that provide benefits that accord with the purpose of the superannuation system. The most common life insurance carried within superannuation, are 'term life'; TPD; and income protection [...]

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Beneficiary Nomination

Beneficiary nomination clarifies entitlement Nominating beneficiaries provides guidance (or in some circumstances, direction) to a trustee (or other responsible person) charged with the task of paying a benefit arising from particular assets or instruments, as to how much and to whom those benefits should be distributed. Three key areas where the nomination of beneficiaries is important, from a wealth management perspective at least, are: life insurance policies;superannuation accounts; andEstate Planning. Monitor the nomination of [...]

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Business Succession Funding benefits survivors

...benefits of funding Buy-Sell Agreements Business succession funding secures the financial certainty of the parties who are dependant on your interest in a business. In other articles written we have challenged readers about the financial well-being of their family and loved ones if they are unexpectedly deprived of their continuing earning capacity (either because of being rendered permanently disabled, or even more extremely, dying). The other stakeholders in your business are [...]

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Estate planning for a Self-Managed Super Fund trustee

The value in estate planning for a self-managed super fund trustee is in the clarity and certainty it provides them - and for them - in the event of the death of a member of the Fund (and for the surviving members when the deceased was the trustee). What happens when a self-managed super fund trustee dies? The consequences of the death of a SMSF trustee, or indeed of a shareholder [...]

Estate Planning and company-owned assets

Whilst you might understand that not all assets at the disposal of the testator are estate assets, estate planning and company-owned assets require particular attention because of the legal implications of each environment. Do assets owned in a family company form part of a deceased estate? One of the financial complications for family members after a death is the treatment of the assets owned by a family-held company (and which, over a [...]

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