Critical Superannuation Guarantee Obligations Dates

Superannuation Guarantee Obligation refinements under Modern Awards legislation From a Superannuation viewpoint, there are perhaps two critical dates to be considered when determining whether there will be an impact on the way you manage your superannuation guarantee obligations to employees going forward: they are - 1 January 2010: this is the date on which The Fair Work Act 2009 specified as the date on which Modern Awards would be effective. [...]

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Choice of Fund

What is Choice of Super(annuation)/Fund? Choice of fund in respect of superannuation is a law that was introduced to give the majority of employees the right to choose which superannuation fund will receive their employer superannuation contributions (i.e., the superannuation guarantee amounts required to be contributed by employers in prescribed circumstances). It has applied since 1 July 2005. Who Does Choice of Superannuation Affect? Employers, employees, superannuation funds and their [...]

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