Sharemarket volatility countered

Sharemarket Volatility countered Sharemarket volatility is countered by holding strategic investments for the long-term. Peter Thornhill, Author, addressed the Asgard Investor Forum in Queensland in February 2009 and those attending were given an entertaining and statistically forceful argument as to what proves that the sharemarket is a rational vehicle; and why shares are a safe, dependable, boring, high income investment, as opposed to highly RISKY Term Deposits. The Sharemarket is 'perfectly [...]

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Investment Funds frozen

Portfolio liquidity impacted when investment funds access restricted  The management of portfolios that include investment funds frozen (or closed) as a consequence of financial market activity is being dealt with by our team as effectively as possible in the circumstances.  The dilemma for our investor clients at the time of these events was multi-fold.  They included dealing with their concern that their funds may never be realised; and secondly, without [...]

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