Residential Property Investment

Residential property investment is popular with Australians: this popularity is based on the ‘urban myths’ that - property prices increase consistently (that ‘you can’t go wrong with bricks and mortar’); and  residential property prices are not volatile (as are share prices). An article published by Research house CoreLogic RP Data1 in February 2016 was recently brought to our attention: its title is ‘Property prices double every decade?’ The article is of [...]

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Markets and Economic Outlook 2014

We divide the markets and economic outlook 2014 into the two separate sections because, as is evident from our commentary, the markets and the economy are separate 'entities', but each an influence on the other: without the economy there is no market; the market provides financial lubrication for the economy. Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd view1 2014 Markets Outlook Timeline: January: volatility late in month if US Senate and Congress [...]

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Planned investment utilising available resources

Planned investment best based on available resources ...greed is not good, not even in wealth accumulation... Understanding that greed isn’t just a state of gorging all the food on the menu/ buffet, is a step toward understanding how to minimise your risk of befalling its damaging consequences financially. Planned investment (investing to a strategy) is best based on available, accessible, financial resources - at levels that meet the needs, goals and [...]

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Financial year-end reflection

Where did it go? Financial year-end reflection is quite often useful when considering our investment portfolio - whether that is confined to superannuation account(s) or is diversified to include some non-superannuation investments. This article was written following the 2013 financial year-end: the comments are relevant to how we might reflect following each financial year. Five weeks after the end of the 2013 financial year it seemed that the financial year [...]

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