Economic and Markets Outlook 2020

Introduction Our view of the economic and markets outlook for 2020 provides a background to the expectations we have for the 2020 calendar year and it will be reflected in the way we review and assess investment assets for retention in, or addition to, client portfolios – at least in the early phases of the year. This article expresses an opinion only, and any opinion/ quantification expressed should not be [...]

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Markets and the Economy

Is there a relationship between Markets and the Economy? Markets and the economy walk hand in hand – but not always lock-stepped. A simplistic relationship between these two terms is that markets are where wealth is traded; and the economy is where wealth is initiated. The economy needs to be strong to create wealth for its citizens: those who are able to generate wealth surplus to their primal needs of [...]

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Share market volatility

Share market volatility Share market volatility is the reflection of the price action on a daily basis: price action reflects the trades that have been conducted during each day. Trades are made by market participants (traders, as well as investors) based on their portfolio needs, influenced by their perception of the state of the companies in which they deal. For some of the participants, their perception is based on research [...]

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Market prices indicate economic performance

That market prices indicate economic performance has once again proven correct in recent share and bond market movements: watch the move in market prices for a particular sector and the economic performance for that sector will most likely take that path within 5 to 9 months. Since early March (around 9th) this year (2009), the US and Australian equity markets have risen by more than 50% (at time of writing): [...]

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