Investment Tax Effectiveness

Effective wealth management demands Investment Tax Effectiveness to optimise the return on your portfolio, to improve asset protection - and investment efficiency. There are certain actions we can take early in the year to ensure tax costs are managed effectively from a cash flow and financial advantage perspective: by planning now, you can avoid a last-minute rush (that may prove an expensive action) at year’s end. Some of the things you [...]

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Early-age retirement considerations

What is 'early-age' retirement? Amongst the early-age retirement considerations that need to be addressed when contemplating such a move, the consideration of funding the lifestyle you anticipate in that phase of your life is paramount to most. If you are thinking about early-age retirement you will need to establish an income/ cashflow source that is an alternative to your superannuation investment. For the purposes of this article, early-age retirement is leaving [...]

Insurance Bonds revived

Insurance Bonds OR Investment Bonds? Insurance bonds are investment vehicles that can be started with a relatively modest amount of money: that money (and any subsequent amount(s) paid into the bond) is invested in an appropriately selected mix of assets (nominated by the investor) managed by the insurer – and after 10 years, the proceeds can be drawn, tax paid (read that as tax-'free' at that stage - as in, [...]

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Funding childrens education

Scholarship funds - and alternative strategies What are Scholarship Funds? Scholarship funds are structures specifically designed for funding childrens education. They are managed investments, where contributions from parents and/or relatives are pooled to help save for a child’s future education costs. They are usually only offered by friendly societies. Like other managed funds there are fees charged on these products for maintaining the investments – and the provider makes the [...]

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