Insurance Bonds revived

Insurance Bonds OR Investment Bonds? Insurance bonds are investment vehicles that can be started with a relatively modest amount of money: that money (and any subsequent amount(s) paid into the bond) is invested in an appropriately selected mix of assets (nominated by the investor) managed by the insurer – and after 10 years, the proceeds can be drawn, tax paid (read that as tax-'free' at that stage - as in, [...]

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Lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries define philanthropy as: 'The desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.' Following the recent (2008) generosity of the mining magnate, Andrew Forrest there has been increased discussion about how generous the Australian community is towards those who are less well off than themselves: for most of us, the process is ad-hoc and not strategically focused. [...]

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