Appointing an EPA

Appointing an EPA - what is that; and, when is one needed? Appointing an EPA is an important process that can save a lot of inconvenience and embarrassment during times of indisposition. An Enduring Power of Attorney (an EPA) is an important legal document that can be self-prepared - or preferably, be professionally prepared - to empower another person to make personal or financial decisions on behalf of the appointor. The appointee becomes attorney the appointor [...]

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Estate Planning reflects in your Will

Estate planning provides assurance for dependants The adequacy of provision for your emotional and financial dependants is reflected in estate planning - and your attention to their best interests in your estate planning reflects in your Will (primarily; and may be supported by other documentation as well). What is 'a Will'? signing a Last Will and Testament document In  brief terms, a Will (more formally referred to as [...]

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Estate Planning urgency

Estate Planning urgency is best highlighted when there is an untimely passing of a family member who hasn't prepared a valid Will by which to guide in the distribution of their estate. You want to ensure that your accumulated wealth is passed on to the right people, in the right proportions and at the right time: that is the ultimate goal of sound Estate Planning! Estate Planning is a critical [...]

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Estate planning flexibility

Estate planning flexibility is facilitated in the 'modern' Will. This article discusses some of the features of a modern Will that give that flexibility and provide peace of mind to the testator. What’s in a Will? As mentioned in our post ‘Estate Planning outlined’ two important documents to be found in an Estate Plan are the Last Will and Testament (Will) and the Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA): we also [...]

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Estate Planning outlined

Estate Planning outlined Estate Planning is an important wealth management exercise that seeks to continue the good work of the testator in accumulating the wealth that they seek to pass on for the benefit of future generations. In estate planning outlined, we set out the series of posts that deal with critical elements of that exercise. What is an Estate Plan?  An estate plan is a strategic approach to the [...]

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