Market Outlook 2016

The 2015 backdrop to the market outlook for 2016 -  As 2015 drew to a close, we reflected on the disappointments of the year from an investment returns perspective. We then turned our minds toward 2016 hoping, rather than expecting, that the market outlook is for a better year. In this post, we bring you the market outlook that will guide the ContinuumFP investment recommendations for 2016, at least initially. Whilst each of [...]

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Bad Debt made Good

Why do we want Bad Debt made Good? Bad debt made good results in tax-effective funding and more effective wealth accumulation. Making bad debt good, is to move the debt from assets that are not income producing to assets that are - and the interest on the debt becoming tax deductible (if correctly managed). What is 'bad debt'? Any debt that has to be repaid from after-tax money is called [...]

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Investment diversification – sharemarkets

Investment assets Investment diversification is a strategy that has well supported wealth accumulators for many decades. In normal circumstances, the various asset classes that constitute investment assets each work to a different cycle. When one asset class is performing well, another may be in decline and others either 'bottoming out' or on the incline. Whilst investment assets include Cash, Fixed Income (Bonds), Property, Equities and a range of 'Alternatives', this article [...]

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Markets Outlook 2010

  Our Markets Outlook 2010 is presented for general interest - and for guidance to our clients as to the investment recommendations we will make in the early part of the year. Equity Markets are rising around the world on the various stock exchanges in response to the ever-so-slow increase in economic activity – and share prices are generally staying ahead of any foreign currency exchange headwinds to generate continuing improvement in [...]

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Market prices indicate economic performance

That market prices indicate economic performance has once again proven correct in recent share and bond market movements: watch the move in market prices for a particular sector and the economic performance for that sector will most likely take that path within 5 to 9 months. Since early March (around 9th) this year (2009), the US and Australian equity markets have risen by more than 50% (at time of writing): [...]

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