Estate administration service

Estate Administration service: what is that? Executors over deceased estates are often appointed in family Wills because of the trust held for them by the testator. Some find themselves ill-equipped to manage the various responsibilities that come with that appointment. Estate administration can be compared to the maintenance of a trust account in many respects, with record-keeping an important element of the process. Appointment as Executor of an Estate is, in many [...]

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Letter of Wishes used in Estate Planning

Have you considered leaving a letter of wishes with your last Will and Testament? A clearly stated letter of wishes could be invaluable to the executor of your estate, particularly for those items that may not have been considered of sufficient financial value to warrant specific mention in your Will. A letter of wishes is not a substitute for a Will, need not have any formal structure, may be varied [...]

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Estate planning foundation: a valid Will

Apart from the time to consider all of the issues that need to be considered in formulating an estate plan, the estate planning foundation: a valid Will, is core to the end process. Is my Will fully valid; and up to date? Estate planning is, as noted earlier in this series of posts, a process more so than a set of documents. However, the documentation of that process is critical [...]

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Estate planning for younger children

Estate planning for younger children may seem at odds with our understanding of when a Will for instance, needs to be considered, but in this post we consider the special needs that surround the planning aspects when young children are likely to be impacted. Using a Testamentary Trust to split estate income with young Children An Estate Planning strategy that has grown in popularity in recent times is the use of [...]

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Estate Planning with a Testamentary Trust

Estate Planning, as we come to understand through reading this series of posts, is an important - and sometimes complex - process: estate planning with a testamentary trust may appear complicated, but when compared with the confusion and complexity that can arise in certain family situations, is an estate administration simplification tool. What is a testamentary trust? A testamentary trust is a trust established under the terms of a Will. It is usually reasonably [...]

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