Tax refund wisdom

Tax refund wisdom enhances wealth management Tax refund wisdom is exercised when you use your refund effectively and in recognition of how your taxable income has been calculated - and hopefully, strategically - and you recognise that it isn’t a gift from the ATO (or from the government)! It ensures that the refund isn't 'wasted' on discretionary spending, rather sees it used to enhance the attainment of financial goals. You [...]

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Why Income Protection

- to insure your most valuable asset! While you are fit and healthy and there doesn't appear to be any impediment to you staying so (and to earn an income), the question may well arise when considering life insurance needs - why income protection? On most measures, the most important asset most of us have, is our ability to earn an income (regardless of the amount of that income in [...]

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Financial year end 2012 readiness

Does the preparation of your tax return find you having to pay tax rather than to receive a refund? To state the obvious, this arises when you have no tax paid, or you haven’t paid sufficient instalments to cover the year’s liability. So now you have to plan payment of the last year’s tax - and think of ways to manage your tax affairs so as to not be ‘caught [...]

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Wealth Management discipline averts financial loss

Wealth management discipline secures future financial independence Where did the money go? Wealth management discipline requires a strategic wealth plan and will most likely include personal/ family financial budgeting. The disappearing money question usually arises just after the end of each financial year, when we review our ‘annual payment summary’ (if employed – or our Profit & Loss Statement if running a business). We look at these statements – and then [...]

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Life insurance products

Life insurance products provide Personal Risk Insurance  Life insurance products are designed to ensure that you and your dependants are financially secure in the event of untimely death, critical illness (or trauma), or because of incapacity to work as a consequence of illness, accident or injury. As appropriate to the circumstances, life insurance policies will provide an ongoing income stream, or a lump sum payment.   What are Life Insurance products used [...]

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