Wealth Management discipline averts financial loss

Wealth management discipline secures future financial independence Where did the money go? Wealth management discipline requires a strategic wealth plan and will most likely include personal/ family financial budgeting. The disappearing money question usually arises just after the end of each financial year, when we review our ‘annual payment summary’ (if employed – or our Profit & Loss Statement if running a business). We look at these statements – and then [...]

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Investment Portfolio Diversification

Investment Portfolio Diversification: what is it? ...and should you avoid over-diversification? Investment portfolio diversification is heralded as the way to minimise investment asset class risk in the seeking to achieve financial goals. Some question whether this portfolio construction philosophy can be taken too far. Is the diversification of your investment portfolio just a way for your financial planner to protect themselves (if it is in fact that at all!)? ...or is it [...]

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