Consequences of dying intestate

What does 'dying intestate' mean? Dying intestate doesn't mean you are doing it tough in another State (and sadly, not alive inter-State – although it might be said that you are in 'another state'; and without having left a valid Will!). When you die without leaving a valid Will, your non-superannuation assets and estate will be managed by the Public Trustee (unless a member of your family successfully applies for Letters of Administration) – [...]

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Managing intergenerational wealth

Managing intergenerational wealth ensures that wealth transfers can be made completely according to your wishes; and with careful planning, according to your timetable! - after your passing, usually. So how can you ‘effectively’ provide for intergenerational (wealth) transfers? This is an activity in which you can have a say - unlike genetic predispositions which are passed on to your blood-line descendants, transferring in spite of your wishes or intent, and [...]

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Preparing a family budget

Preparing a family budget doesn't have to be hard, and it will help you understand where your money is being spent, ways to better manage personal finances, and how to save cash to meet your financial goals (including saving to invest for longer-term goals). Follow some expert tips to help you in preparing a family budget and start saving: Write down what you spend your money on The first step [...]

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Family financial security

Family financial security is a strong foundation for happy and healthy family relationships. Show those you love that they are financially provided for, that they will be financially secure in the event of a serious illness, injury or other ‘health-related’ event in your life. Personal Risk (Life) Insurance together with properly considered and prepared estate planning can lead to that family harmony, peace of mind - and security. How do [...]

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Wealth management preparation – the NextGen

Wealth management preparation of the next generation who will have control of your hard-earned wealth, ensures that they will be equipped to optimise the benefit they derive from your generosity. The intergenerational wealth transfer by the middle of this century will be in the order of trillions of dollars - yes, even here in Australia! Your assets will be part of this transfer (either coming to you or passing from [...]

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