Advised investors value advice

Investment satisfaction is enhanced with advice At the time that the article on which this post was based was published, the GFC was very fresh in the minds of most readers: we were only eighteen months into the recovery and a lot of work was being done, trying to assess how investors were reacting to the 'new' financial environment: one of the early findings was that advised investors value advice [...]

Wealth management communication

Research..forums..the media Wealth management communication is as well facilitated in electronic media as is any service or product: in the case of a service, the media is usually confined to providing 'general' information, brand awareness; and completion of basic information updates. Q: What do all of the abovementioned media have in common? A: They are all tools which if used properly, will help us fill in some missing information. [...]

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Advised Investors secure in their wealth

Evidence for 'advised investors secure' claim  Several articles have been published over the years, including one in the Wealth lift-out of The Australian on 1 September 2012, on the 'advised investors secure' theme, underpinned by the superior performance of portfolios that are subject of a plan (under advice and management of an effective financial adviser). These articles encourage us to bring to our readers' attention the importance of seeking wealth [...]

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