Share Market Reporting Season June 2014

Share market reporting season excites many in our community: apart from the daily news commentators, everyday Australians have reason to show an interest (as most of them have, through their superannuation accounts, money invested in shares in Australian companies). The Australian Sharemarket has responded well to the positive results posted by our listed companies for the June 2014 quarter: the linked video brings the thoughts of IML's Hugh Giddy (their [...]

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Financial Advice matters

- The Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) The level of attention that government has paid to the financial planning industry in the years following the exposure of unacceptable practices within the industry, clearly shows that financial advice matters. The most important matter that the regulations now in place address, is the fiduciary duty owed by the financial adviser to their clients. Whilst others might well join the chorus, we have always [...]

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Real value of advice

The government has legislated several changes to the practices and processes of the financial planning industry. The next sign of these that you will see directly from us is the Fee Disclosure Statement (FDS). This is due to be issued to clients who have engaged their financial planner under a service package/ payment arrangement whose next anniversary falls after 30 June 2013.

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Superannuation investment awareness

Don't be complacent about YOUR Super! Where do you stand on the superannuation investment awareness scale? Are you an actively interested participant; or a passively disinterested member? When it comes to superannuation, it's easy to take the 'disinterested' approach when you can't access your money until you've stopped working. Superannuation investment awareness matters. But, not keeping an eye on your super is dangerous business. The financial independence you anticipate in your retirement may prove [...]

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Clients Value Our Proposition

“... professional wealth management advice, personalised to your circumstances: we listen, we understand, we have solutions...and we care! ” Clients value our proposition Clients value our proposition regarding the services we offer: they testify to having peace of mind about their wealth management affairs - and their financial well-being. They appreciate the comfort and assurance that the extensive experience of our advisory and support staff apply to tailor advice to [...]

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