Economic and Markets Outlook 2021

This Economic and Markets Outlook 2021 is presented so that our clients and other followers have some insight into factors that will be in our minds as we construct, review and revise investment portfolios in 2021 – particularly during the first half of the year.  (If a day in politics is a long time, a forecast year in investment markets is an eternity!) 2021 - a year of financial intrigue, [...]

Markets and Economic Outlook 2013

Our Markets and Economic Outlook 2013 is posted in continuity of the annual 'guestimates' we make regarding prospects for the coming year. It is a 'house' view of the economy and the markets for the year ahead - a view on which we base our investment recommendations (at least for the early part of the coming year). This article, produced so our clients can anticipate the recommendations regarding their investment [...]

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Investment Markets strength

Investment markets strength is understood by technicians in the industry, to reflect the 'depth' and the 'liquidity' of the markets: those features are referenced in this article, but of greater interest to most investors is how market prices are performing. Geographically, the markets to which most of the funds Australians commit as investors, are located in Australia; and there is little dispute that the performance of those markets has been [...]

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Fixed Interest Rates

Fixed Interest Rates may not be in your best interest Why wouldn't fixed interest rates be to your advantage, especially at times when the rates seem low compared with previous times? We are occasionally requested to advise clients about the prospect of fixing the interest rate on their home mortgage. Whilst the question of fixed interest rates is usually raised around the time of any 'move' on the Official Cash [...]

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