Valuing Financial Planning Advice

The Value of Advice concept... what you are paying for! Valuing Financial Planning advice: is that process different from valuing any service or advice? Clients of financial planners have long been valuing financial planning advice, but legislation by the then Labor government in 2013, has given rise to discussion as to what value investors receive for the fees they pay to their wealth management service providers. Financial Planners now need [...]

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Financial Advice matters

- The Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) The level of attention that government has paid to the financial planning industry in the years following the exposure of unacceptable practices within the industry, clearly shows that financial advice matters. The most important matter that the regulations now in place address, is the fiduciary duty owed by the financial adviser to their clients. Whilst others might well join the chorus, we have always [...]

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Financial planning advice adds Value

That financial planning advice adds value is not challenged by those who engage the ongoing services of an experienced, qualified financial planner. This truth has been verified in research published from time to time (and we have previously posted about their findings). “Free advice: it costs you nothing; and is worth the price” or so the old adage goes! In our position as financial planners we are very much aware [...]

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