Global Equities Asset Allocation

Diversification in asset allocation smooths volatility Investors have a range of investment asset classes into which a portfolio can be invested. A Global Equities Asset Allocation has some special features that make it particularly interesting to Australian investors. Some of those features are common to any global asset class (including fixed income, property, or even 'alternatives'). Global equities tend to be more volatile than the other assets for most of the time; [...]

Dividend Imputation and Franking Credits

What is dividend imputation? When shareholders receive dividends, they are essentially treated as having received a distribution of the pre-tax profits of the company. Accordingly, they must include in their assessable income the actual amount of the dividend received plus the amount of company tax paid on that dividend (referred to as the ‘grossed up dividend’, or dividend imputation). However, to ensure the dividend is not taxed twice, (initially in [...]

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Testamentary Trust benefits in estate planning

Estate Planning strategy Testamentary trust benefits in estate planning range from flexibility for the testator;  to clarity of intent for the executor (and/ or the trustee). A Testamentary trust can best be thought of as a trust that is created by a provision in your Will: it will provide guidance for specified assets in your estate following your death. For many, it is a simple 'family discretionary trust' settled by [...]

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