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Will your banker provide you with the best mortgage to suit your financial needs – objectively and without risking a conflict of interest? Are you confident that you have been listened to when explaining your mortgage finance needs? Would you buy any other investment of similar value, with borrowings at such a high proportion other than property, without first seeking financial advice?

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Retirement planning eases anxiety

Does the thought of retirement planning cause you (financial) anxiety? Retirement planning, like any planning, will help you understand the pathway to your chosen destination. Planning is a process that helps to take the strain out of issues and events that might otherwise be challenging even traumatic. Good planning will take into account all manner of potential crises, windfalls and opportunities. First thoughts of retirement can give rise to a level of [...]

Business Succession planning critical

Why business succession planning? Business Succession Planning is an important way to provide peace of mind and the comfort of financial independence to the family, partners and business stakeholders of the entrepreneur in control of the business. It ensures that there is an orderly process prescribed for ownership/ governance succession that provides for it to continue following the departure of (one of) the current owner(s). At its simplest, business succession is the act [...]

Insurance Bonds revived

Insurance Bonds OR Investment Bonds? Insurance bonds are investment vehicles that can be started with a relatively modest amount of money: that money (and any subsequent amount(s) paid into the bond) is invested in an appropriately selected mix of assets (nominated by the investor) managed by the insurer – and after 10 years, the proceeds can be drawn, tax paid (read that as tax-'free' at that stage - as in, [...]

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Funding Education costs

Funding education costs for their children is a prospect that exercises the minds of many families, as the demands of modern society increasingly lead our younger generations into ‘services’ rather than ‘trades’ work; and the standard of education required as a minimum, constantly increases. It is widely reported that the costs of raising children from birth until adulthood are very significant (by one recent survey, around $1,000,000 – at 2009 [...]

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