Economic and Markets Outlook 2020

Introduction Our view of the economic and markets outlook for 2020 provides a background to the expectations we have for the 2020 calendar year and it will be reflected in the way we review and assess investment assets for retention in, or addition to, client portfolios – at least in the early phases of the year. This article expresses an opinion only, and any opinion/ quantification expressed should not be [...]

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Commodities asset class

Investing in the commodities asset class Every day in every way, we use products, substances and materials that are either mined or grown for our benefit and convenience: in this article we explain why the commodities asset class is an important investment portfolio inclusion. What qualifies an investment to be a recognised asset class? There are three criteria to satisfy for an investment opportunity to be included as an asset class: they are [...]

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Financial planning advice adds Value

That financial planning advice adds value is not challenged by those who engage the ongoing services of an experienced, qualified financial planner. This truth has been verified in research published from time to time (and we have previously posted about their findings). “Free advice: it costs you nothing; and is worth the price” or so the old adage goes! In our position as financial planners we are very much aware [...]

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