Financial Year end checklist 2013

The financial year end checklist 2013 contains tax-effective strategies that may be effective for you - depending on your personal financial and taxation circumstances. Employees, professionals, contractors or self-employed business operators (carrying on business under a structure) may benefit from them, but you should confirm any proposed course of action with your accountant, tax agent or financial planner before acting on them. As the financial year draws to a close [...]

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Property asset class – an Aussie favourite

The following article is posted to examine what has made the property asset class so favoured in the Australian investment landscape, what makes a good decision about including property as part of your assets (investment portfolio); and where a prospective property buyer might turn for assistance in making a property acquisition. Is the Property asset class an Investment; or a Lifestyle holding? One of the significant changes coming over the next decade [...]

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Managing Capital Gains Tax events

Have you had a Capital Gains Tax (CGT) event during the year? Managing Capital Gains Tax events so as to minimise the actual CGT payable will optimise the benefit you receive from the 'transaction'. If you have made a capital gain during the year due to the 'sale' of an eligible asset, you may be able to offset some of the taxable capital gain with either business losses or capital [...]

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Estate Planning and company-owned assets

Whilst you might understand that not all assets at the disposal of the testator are estate assets, estate planning and company-owned assets require particular attention because of the legal implications of each environment. Do assets owned in a family company form part of a deceased estate? One of the financial complications for family members after a death is the treatment of the assets owned by a family-held company (and which, over a [...]

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Estate Planning and family loans

Estate planning and family loans: what could go wrong?! Loans between members of the family, particularly between the testator and a beneficiary, may not exist at the time that estate planning is undertaken: if that is the case, the Will component of the estate planning documentation will not make specific reference to such advances that arise prior to – and remain unsettled as at the time of, death of the [...]

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