Clients value ongoing service

ContinuumFP clients value ongoing service: they appreciate the support we give them that the financial decisions they make, particularly in relation to investment structures and portfolios are both 'fit for purpose' and in their best interests. A number of our clients and associated professionals called heavily on the services of the Continuum Financial Planners team to address financial (predominantly investment-related) concerns that had arisen in the most part as a [...]

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Economic Outlook 2009

Saving .. clearing debt and investing - In a recent article1 in which the CIO of AXA – Australia and New Zealand published to advisers, his economic outlook for 2009: his comments, following, show a favourable view for the long-term investor (and probably a better outlook for households generally) – beyond the next several months. His headline indicates that “far from lagging the rest of the world, there are signs [...]

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Ongoing Adviser Servicing valued

The following article was posted in October 2008, during the severe days of the GFC aftermath - and before 'the Storm debacle' became publicly exposed. Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd has a consistent history of providing exceptional, proactive service to their 'active' 1 clients. The article is being updated in a minor way and re-publicised to reassure our clients that their best interest is uppermost in our business culture. Ongoing [...]

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Gain when Investor Sentiment driven by strategy

How should we respond in periods of significant market volatility? (which gives rise to a different discussion from the question: How do we respond in such periods?) Investor Panic and Fear creates opportunity! The moral of the investment story is to apply strategy for the available, considered timeframe. Responses to market volatility are as diverse as the people who participate in the markets - investors and traders alike. Our firm [...]

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Investment valuation declines precede recoveries

That investment valuation declines precede recoveries is an historic market fact: we published this article for the enlightenment of our clients in October 2008, during the distressing days of the GFC as part of a process to engage with them and help them see aspects other than the negativity of the 'popular press' at the time. We have re-posted the article by way of a nostalgic 'hindsight reflection'. Investment markets [...]

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