Accumulating wealth

Accumulating wealth: but 'When is enough?' Knowing that most of those people born in generations following 'the Baby Boomers' will probably live longer after retirement than they worked prior to retirement, accumulating wealth for that phase of life is a primary goal for most of us. For this article 'enough' is the amount that you are satisfied will enable you, in all reasonably-assumed circumstances, to achieve all of your lifestyle and financial needs, [...]

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Commodities asset class

Investing in the commodities asset class Every day in every way, we use products, substances and materials that are either mined or grown for our benefit and convenience: in this article we explain why the commodities asset class is an important investment portfolio inclusion. What qualifies an investment to be a recognised asset class? There are three criteria to satisfy for an investment opportunity to be included as an asset class: they are [...]

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Preparing a family budget

Preparing a family budget doesn't have to be hard, and it will help you understand where your money is being spent, ways to better manage personal finances, and how to save cash to meet your financial goals (including saving to invest for longer-term goals). Follow some expert tips to help you in preparing a family budget and start saving: Write down what you spend your money on The first step [...]

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ContinuumFP Wealth Creation process

The ContinuumFP wealth creation process The ContinuumFP wealth creation process unites the skills and experience of our advisers and their support team, with the financial resources and expertise of our clients. What drives wealth creation? Wealth creation occurs when a number of elements combine to your financial benefit. These elements include implementation of sound investment strategies,  that bear in mind your personal and financial circumstances, available resources, your clearly articulated needs [...]

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Regular Saving aids Investment success

The lesson from the 'the tortoise and the hare' fable, delivers investment success! We set out to demonstrate that regular saving aids investment success. This is a lesson that could be taught to children, to make use of their pocket money and have the excitement of achieving investment goals (like buying the new game, or getting the new body board for the next family holiday to the beach!). Saving regular, affordable amounts, consistently [...]

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