Economic and Markets Outlook 2021

This Economic and Markets Outlook 2021 is presented so that our clients and other followers have some insight into factors that will be in our minds as we construct, review and revise investment portfolios in 2021 – particularly during the first half of the year.  (If a day in politics is a long time, a forecast year in investment markets is an eternity!) 2021 - a year of financial intrigue, [...]

Property asset class – an Aussie favourite

The following article is posted to examine what has made the property asset class so favoured in the Australian investment landscape, what makes a good decision about including property as part of your assets (investment portfolio); and where a prospective property buyer might turn for assistance in making a property acquisition. Is the Property asset class an Investment; or a Lifestyle holding? One of the significant changes coming over the next decade [...]

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Property Investment

Why property investment? Most Australians believe that property investment is a safe and secure way to improve their financial position (wealth): knowing that property produces rental income; and expecting that it always generates capital growth. Until they actually experience it, many fail to understand that it also has the capacity to fall in value in adverse economic/ market conditions. Individuals as investors also like the feeling of driving by their [...]

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Listed Investments

What are listed investments? Listed investments are investments quoted on an exchange established for trading investment-class assets: in Australia, equities principally trade on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). Stock exchanges are also located overseas and corporate equities are able to be bought and sold through these sharemarkets. Such investments facilitate trading ownership of any publicly listed company via the purchase and sale of shares. Shares in companies, listed property trusts [...]

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