Budget Highlights 2014

2014 Australian Federal Budget Update Last night Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey announced a Federal Budget for 2014/15  that asks all Australians to bear the burden, as the Government attempts to bring the Budget back into surplus and to reduce the national debt. As expected, the budget includes a number of spending cuts and only two major spending initiatives – the introduction of an $11.6 billion infrastructure growth package and the [...]

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Year-end strategies 2013

Are you ready? The financial year-end is less than five weeks away (at the time of writing). Year-end strategies 2013 focuses on ensuring that your financial housekeeping is in order so as to optimise your tax and wealth protection in a timely way.  The checklist below includes a few matters that may require your attention – and soon! 'Year-end strategies 2013' is provided for general information only. Before acting on [...]

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Bad Debt made Good

Why do we want Bad Debt made Good? Bad debt made good results in tax-effective funding and more effective wealth accumulation. Making bad debt good, is to move the debt from assets that are not income producing to assets that are - and the interest on the debt becoming tax deductible (if correctly managed). What is 'bad debt'? Any debt that has to be repaid from after-tax money is called [...]

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Preparing for Retirement

Is preparing for retirement on your mind? Clients often tell us that looking forward to their retirement is an interesting, challenging and exciting time. From experience in engaging with our clients about this topic we can affirm that the earlier they start preparing for retirement, the easier the transition can be - and the more promptly any financial anxieties can be addressed. Questions of health, use of time, pursuit of interests – [...]

Everyday wealth management

New Year resolutions need to translate to everyday activities Make everyday wealth management an everyday activity... As a precursor to 'happy' days ahead, everyday wealth management will translate to more satisfactory financial outcomes in the future. Each new year brings its own challenges, opportunities, disappointments and great expectations: have you made adequate preparation to seize the best of these for the coming year? Some wealth management matters you might want [...]

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