Property asset class – an Aussie favourite

The following article is posted to examine what has made the property asset class so favoured in the Australian investment landscape, what makes a good decision about including property as part of your assets (investment portfolio); and where a prospective property buyer might turn for assistance in making a property acquisition. Is the Property asset class an Investment; or a Lifestyle holding? One of the significant changes coming over the next decade [...]

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Home mortgage servicability secured

"The affordability of homes in Australia is continuing to decline": this is how we introduced this post when it was first published in September 2011 - and it seems that the situation has only worsened, with home mortgage servicability more of an issue for families. The major issues for aspiring first home-owners are: the struggle to accumulate a deposit to take that first step towards 'every Australian's dream' (of owning their [...]

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Fixed Interest Rates

Fixed Interest Rates may not be in your best interest Why wouldn't fixed interest rates be to your advantage, especially at times when the rates seem low compared with previous times? We are occasionally requested to advise clients about the prospect of fixing the interest rate on their home mortgage. Whilst the question of fixed interest rates is usually raised around the time of any 'move' on the Official Cash [...]

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What is deeming? Deeming is the term which describes the method used by Centrelink and Veteran’s Affairs to calculate your Income Test assessable income from certain investments when determining the level of entitlement to be paid. Deeming means that you are assumed to earn a certain return on ‘financial’ investments, irrespective of the actual rate of interest or capital growth you earn. If you earn more than the deemed rate [...]

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Debt recycling benefits disciplined investors

Debt recycling benefits disciplined investors. Debt recycling benefits are, by strategy definition, only available to investors.  Investors who gear (borrow to fund) their investment strategies need to be aware of the consequences of having debt against their assets: whilst the leveraging obtained in this way will magnify any gains made through the process, losses too will be magnified in any market downturn. This article is addressing the situation where the [...]

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