Invalid Will negates Estate Planning

Some 'features' of an Invalid Will Estate plans negated by an Invalid Will cause untold family disruption and financial pressure on those left to tidy up after the deceased has passed. Wills have been found to be invalid for a number of reasons. The more common causes of the invalidity, include – Incorrectly signed/ witnessed (or in fact, unsigned);Witnessed by ‘inappropriate’ people; and‘incapacity’ on the part of the Testator. What [...]

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Income Protection Insurance matters

Income Protection Insurance matters - getting the best out of your personal risk protection Income Protection Insurance matters because it provides cashflow certainty at a time when you are unable to physically earn your regular income. Referred to as Salary Continuance insurance in an employer group/ superannuation context, this insurance provides regular payments for an agreed period of time, starting thirty days after the latter of: your successful claim having [...]

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