Personal risk protection

Life Insurance - personal risk protection Life insurance products have been designed to provide personal risk protection from the financial consequences of events that can be disabling with physical effect, impacting on our financial well-being; and on our wealth accumulation strategies. Some of the personal risk that we take each day may be unavoidable. Risks to our health such as catching viruses or contracting infection or disease; or to our [...]

Life Insurance transfers personal risk

Life insurance transfers personal risk in the financial sense, providing claims benefits when qualifying events occur - and when financial resources (and people dependant on us) are most at risk. Do you want to bet That you don’t need it? That’s exactly what you are doing when you fail to ensure that you are insured! You bet your family that you will stay in great health for the rest of [...]

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Life insurance for women

Life insurance for women has been an area that has been under-serviced for way too long, with the consequence that women are significantly over-represented in the under-insured statistics for Australia. FACING dirty nappies, the dentist or a pap smear is better than the reality of getting life insurance for many Australian mums, a survey has found. Life Insurance for women An article published on in early 2011, gave details [...]

Mitigating financial risk with personal risk insurance

Take Life Insurance to mitigate financial unknowns Why Life Insurance? One concern that Australia faces as a nation is that of being under-insured, even for events that we know are almost inevitable; as well as the one that is in fact inevitable! Mitigating financial risk by taking personal life insurance improves financial confidence - and is a comfort to families. Your financial independence and security is no doubt a high priority: [...]

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