Capping Superannuation funding

Why is capping superannuation funding in question? Governments around the world are facing debt concerns that threaten their ability to provide welfare, health, education and other services. In this scenario they are looking for ways to reduce their outgoings - and protect their revenue base. In Australia, one method the government is looking to implement to provide such protection is by capping superannuation funding. This will achieve their goal in two [...]

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Intergenerational wealth management

Intergenerational wealth transfer is about to move significant asset values from the accumulators to the next generation: how will they cope? One of the most difficult financial transitions that those with limited financial literacy or experience in the 'management' of wealth and assets, is the one from modest wealth to substantial financial resources over a short period of time. Intergenerational wealth, if not pre-conditioned, is able to be compared with a [...]

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Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

Intergenerational Wealth Transfer: an Estate Planning issue... Over the next couple of decades an intergenerational wealth transfer involving billions of dollars will pass from the ‘baby boomer’ generation to their descendants. The effectiveness of intergenerational wealth transfer will generally be measured by the tax effectiveness of the strategy resulting in the transfer of that wealth.  Some families will initiate the transfer whilst the holders of the assets are still alive. Strategies they [...]

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Managing intergenerational wealth

Managing intergenerational wealth ensures that wealth transfers can be made completely according to your wishes; and with careful planning, according to your timetable! - after your passing, usually. So how can you ‘effectively’ provide for intergenerational (wealth) transfers? This is an activity in which you can have a say - unlike genetic predispositions which are passed on to your blood-line descendants, transferring in spite of your wishes or intent, and [...]

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Learned financial skills

Financial skills (literacy) have been a topic of discussion for many years, but learned financial skills - effective or otherwise - have been passed on within household groups for decades. It is commonly recognised that the greatest influence we have on the development of our children is their mimicking our behaviour whether as parents or other adult carers - and they learn from our behaviours more readily than they do by [...]

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