Market Volatility

During times of persistent or extreme market volatility, the advisers at Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd are mindful of the effect that has on clients - and of course, on client portfolios. Investors - those who participate in markets for the long term - become familiar with the price volatility (valuation rises and falls) and learn to not panic. Traders/ speculators and media vendors, like to make as much noise [...]

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Insurance Bonds revived

Insurance Bonds OR Investment Bonds? Insurance bonds are investment vehicles that can be started with a relatively modest amount of money: that money (and any subsequent amount(s) paid into the bond) is invested in an appropriately selected mix of assets (nominated by the investor) managed by the insurer – and after 10 years, the proceeds can be drawn, tax paid (read that as tax-'free' at that stage - as in, [...]

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