Investment returns attract

- but International offer probably too good to be true! In times where there has been severe impacts on the valuation of investment assets - and prolonged periods of low returns - offers of higher investment returns attract the attention of many, especially those who feel they have less time available to recover their losses. During the buoyant period after the post-GFC recovery had been under way for about a [...]

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Global Equities Asset Allocation

Diversification in asset allocation smooths volatility Investors have a range of investment asset classes into which a portfolio can be invested. A Global Equities Asset Allocation has some special features that make it particularly interesting to Australian investors. Some of those features are common to any global asset class (including fixed income, property, or even 'alternatives'). Global equities tend to be more volatile than the other assets for most of the time; [...]

Investment market reflection – March 2011

What were investment conditions like in March 2011? Investment market reflection is a useful activity by which to enhance coping mechanism, particularly in times of volatility in markets: providing a guide to eventual outcomes, reminding us that for many reasons, volatility occurs – and over time, correct. Almost without doubt, the indicators were, just two years into the recovery from the GFC, that equities had been the recent best performer: [...]

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Investor confidence survey

Investor confidence survey results: on which investors? Investor confidence survey results are published by various analysts from time-to-time, as they try to determine the direction that investors might take a market over a given future period. For purposes of this article, investors are ‘ordinary folk’ like you and me - the type of person that our firm services as clients! As ‘ordinary folk’ we are bombarded on a daily basis [...]

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Economic Outlook 2009

Saving .. clearing debt and investing - In a recent article1 in which the CIO of AXA – Australia and New Zealand published to advisers, his economic outlook for 2009: his comments, following, show a favourable view for the long-term investor (and probably a better outlook for households generally) – beyond the next several months. His headline indicates that “far from lagging the rest of the world, there are signs [...]

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