Interest cost deductibility

Interest cost deductibility saves tax, lessens borrowing costs Interest cost deductibility is one of the factors considered in making a decision as to whether to gear an investment. Gearing is a popular strategy used by many Australians to improve their wealth. Popular investment assets acquired in a geared portfolio include rental property (residential, commercial, industrial etc), shares and managed funds. The cost of borrowing for an asset/ portfolio that is income producing, is significantly less [...]

Debt Management

Poor debt management can be as debilitating to your financial well-being as disease can be to your physical well-being! Manage it at all levels and it can enhance your financial position. Most of us have to deal with debt at some stage or other of our lives; and we all use debt in different ways at different stages of our lives. Managing the burden that comes with debt is an [...]

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Estate planning for a Self-Managed Super Fund trustee

The value in estate planning for a self-managed super fund trustee is in the clarity and certainty it provides them - and for them - in the event of the death of a member of the Fund (and for the surviving members when the deceased was the trustee). What happens when a self-managed super fund trustee dies? The consequences of the death of a SMSF trustee, or indeed of a shareholder [...]

Estate Planning and company-owned assets

Whilst you might understand that not all assets at the disposal of the testator are estate assets, estate planning and company-owned assets require particular attention because of the legal implications of each environment. Do assets owned in a family company form part of a deceased estate? One of the financial complications for family members after a death is the treatment of the assets owned by a family-held company (and which, over a [...]

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Estate Planning and family loans

Estate planning and family loans: what could go wrong?! Loans between members of the family, particularly between the testator and a beneficiary, may not exist at the time that estate planning is undertaken: if that is the case, the Will component of the estate planning documentation will not make specific reference to such advances that arise prior to – and remain unsettled as at the time of, death of the [...]

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