The ContinuumFP Social Media journey

...thus far. (- and the ContinuumFP social media journey continues!) Our team members are keen to find the best ways to provide time-relevant access to wealth management information and tips (as well as alerts to traps) to our clients and allied referral partners. For some years now, we have done this using three social media accounts, supported by our blogs and website: at times, more active on those sites than [...]

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Wealth management newsletter

The wealth management newsletter we produce, continues to be written by our team with a view to providing information on financial planning and lifestyle matters that may have a financial impact on you. Our readers find the wealth management articles we publish, educational, informative and to many – interesting.  Whilst the eNewsletter is primarily for our clients, we encourage you to share it with friends, family and colleagues generally. What [...]

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Our Social Media presence

Our Social Media presence is designed to achieve a couple of objectives: firstly, to provide a platform for our clients to interact with our thoughts and discussions as expressed in original posts, or comments on posts by others; and secondly, to facilitate interaction by stakeholders in our company, with our team - and with you, our clients and supporters. It should increase the awareness of brand ContinuumFP. Our Social Media [...]

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