Modern Awards and Superannuation

Modern Awards and Superannuation are closely linked - with strict requirements applying in certain Awards as to what choice employees might (or might not) have; and how employers are to account for the superannuation contributions they are mandated to pay under law. Is your workplace superannuation impacted by the Modern Awards legislation?Why is critical about two particular dates in the application of the legislation? What happened in the workplace as [...]

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Critical Superannuation Guarantee Obligations Dates

Superannuation Guarantee Obligation refinements under Modern Awards legislation From a Superannuation viewpoint, there are perhaps two critical dates to be considered when determining whether there will be an impact on the way you manage your superannuation guarantee obligations to employees going forward: they are - 1 January 2010: this is the date on which The Fair Work Act 2009 specified as the date on which Modern Awards would be effective. [...]

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