Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

Intergenerational Wealth Transfer: an Estate Planning issue... Over the next couple of decades an intergenerational wealth transfer involving billions of dollars will pass from the ‘baby boomer’ generation to their descendants. The effectiveness of intergenerational wealth transfer will generally be measured by the tax effectiveness of the strategy resulting in the transfer of that wealth.  Some families will initiate the transfer whilst the holders of the assets are still alive. Strategies they [...]

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Beneficiary Nomination

Beneficiary nomination clarifies entitlement Nominating beneficiaries provides guidance (or in some circumstances, direction) to a trustee (or other responsible person) charged with the task of paying a benefit arising from particular assets or instruments, as to how much and to whom those benefits should be distributed. Three key areas where the nomination of beneficiaries is important, from a wealth management perspective at least, are: life insurance policies;superannuation accounts; andEstate Planning. Monitor the nomination of [...]

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Superannuation Death Benefit Nominations and Estate Planning

Superannuation Fund Trust Deeds will provide a process by which the trustee can consider your intent as regards any death benefits that may be due to your estate at your passing: superannuation death benefit nominations and estate planning are different though similar devices by which you can provide for your intended beneficiaries. Where does superannuation fit amongst estate assets? Superannuation accounts are often a significant part of the estate of [...]

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Estate planning flexibility

Estate planning flexibility is facilitated in the 'modern' Will. This article discusses some of the features of a modern Will that give that flexibility and provide peace of mind to the testator. What’s in a Will? As mentioned in our post ‘Estate Planning outlined’ two important documents to be found in an Estate Plan are the Last Will and Testament (Will) and the Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA): we also [...]

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