Consequences of dying intestate

What does 'dying intestate' mean? Dying intestate doesn't mean you are doing it tough in another State (and sadly, not alive inter-State – although it might be said that you are in 'another state'; and without having left a valid Will!). When you die without leaving a valid Will, your non-superannuation assets and estate will be managed by the Public Trustee (unless a member of your family successfully applies for Letters of Administration) – [...]

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Annuities underpin retirement income

Annuities underpin retirement income - and the certainty of that income - for many investors/ retirees: but what are annuities; and how can I benefit from having one? The following post describes the general application of annuities, but over time, new retirement income stream products are developed and it is wise to seek professional financial advice before entering into an annuity contract, to ensure that what you are securing is [...]

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