Advance – December 2014 Quarterly Outlook with Patrick Farrell

The Advance December 2014 Quarterly Outlook was published on the Advance Asset Management website, but has since been removed as being out-of-date. This article is retained purely for record archiving purposes. An investment outlook reflecting on the December 2014 Quarter; and contemplating what that might mean for 2015, economically and from a markets perspective. Whilst past performance is no guarantee of future performance, the matters that affect performance can help build a [...]

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Accumulating wealth

Accumulating wealth: but 'When is enough?' Knowing that most of those people born in generations following 'the Baby Boomers' will probably live longer after retirement than they worked prior to retirement, accumulating wealth for that phase of life is a primary goal for most of us. For this article 'enough' is the amount that you are satisfied will enable you, in all reasonably-assumed circumstances, to achieve all of your lifestyle and financial needs, [...]

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Achieving Strategic Investment Objectives

Achieving strategic investment objectives is a process When clients first set out to provide for their future financial independence, or to achieve some more specific financial objective, they embark on a journey. Achieving strategic investment objectives then, becomes both a process - and a discipline. This journey starts out with some detailed analysis of present circumstances; takes into account available resources; sets a timeframe; sets investment risk parameters to be [...]

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Investment diversification – sharemarkets

Investment assets Investment diversification is a strategy that has well supported wealth accumulators for many decades. In normal circumstances, the various asset classes that constitute investment assets each work to a different cycle. When one asset class is performing well, another may be in decline and others either 'bottoming out' or on the incline. Whilst investment assets include Cash, Fixed Income (Bonds), Property, Equities and a range of 'Alternatives', this article [...]

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Sharemarket volatility countered

Sharemarket Volatility countered Sharemarket volatility is countered by holding strategic investments for the long-term. Peter Thornhill, Author, addressed the Asgard Investor Forum in Queensland in February 2009 and those attending were given an entertaining and statistically forceful argument as to what proves that the sharemarket is a rational vehicle; and why shares are a safe, dependable, boring, high income investment, as opposed to highly RISKY Term Deposits. The Sharemarket is 'perfectly [...]

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