Wealth management experiences

Wealth management experiences Wealth management experiences are part of life for all of us: rich, poor or somewhere between those positions. We may not all realise that we are indeed engaged in wealth management activities; and we may not all find those experiences pleasant. We know that for those who plan their financial journey, wealth management experiences are remembered more favourably than is the case for the 'casual journeyman'. What [...]

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Strategic investment action consistently applied

Strategic investment action ...Investing using dollar cost averaging Strategic investment action implemented by clients in the early months of the recovery from the GFC that started on 9 March 2009, was cautiously undertaken using dollar cost averaging. As the ‘dark (became) less dark’1 we noted improvements in client portfolios - and our clients gradually became more confident that even greater gains were coming. We encouraged investors to consider their investment objectives and [...]

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Investment strategy review

Should I be investing more – or withdrawing? The answer will be in an investment strategy review... Whilst this was a regularly-raised question during the early aftermath from the GFC, it remains a question whose answer is of continuing relevance: one to to be found in the context of an investment strategy review with your financial advisor - particularly when a significant change to your portfolio will result. The most important [...]

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