Investment risk management plea

The following article was posted late in the crisis period of the Global Financial Crisis and sought to allay the concerns of clients that their investment risk management strategy may have been failing them. The article was sourced from the USA; and is quoted below (with some editorial license taken with the sub-headings). "Since the Northern Hemisphere Spring, and most acutely this Autumn1, a global contagion of fear and panic [...]

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Calculating superannuation guarantee amounts

Employers calculating superannuation guarantee amounts may find they increased as from 1 July 2008! More of what is paid to staff and sub-contractors came into consideration as OTE (ordinary times earnings), which now includes performance-related bonuses; regular over-award payments; commissions; and expense allowances - with consequent effects on calculating superannuation guarantee amounts. The statutory rate was not changed from 9%, but with these inclusions the amount to which the statutory rate [...]

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