Interest cost deductibility

Interest cost deductibility saves tax, lessens borrowing costs Interest cost deductibility is one of the factors considered in making a decision as to whether to gear an investment. Gearing is a popular strategy used by many Australians to improve their wealth. Popular investment assets acquired in a geared portfolio include rental property (residential, commercial, industrial etc), shares and managed funds. The cost of borrowing for an asset/ portfolio that is income producing, is significantly less [...]

Spouse Superannuation Contributions Tax Offset

The Spouse Superannuation Contributions Tax Offset was introduced to provide a way for spouses to help build the superannuation accumulations of the other in eligible circumstances. A spouse contribution refers to when a person makes a contribution into their spouse’s superannuation account. Provided certain income thresholds are met, the contributing spouse can receive a tax rebate of up to $540 on the contribution. Whilst there are no limits on the [...]

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