Advised Investors secure in their wealth

Evidence for 'advised investors secure' claim  Several articles have been published over the years, including one in the Wealth lift-out of The Australian on 1 September 2012, on the 'advised investors secure' theme, underpinned by the superior performance of portfolios that are subject of a plan (under advice and management of an effective financial adviser). These articles encourage us to bring to our readers' attention the importance of seeking wealth [...]

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Ongoing Adviser Services

Ongoing Adviser Services - The Value of Advice Ongoing adviser services ensure that the financial goals and objectives you are working toward and the strategic plan to achieve them, stay on track – or are revised to adjust to your changing circumstances. By maintaining regular communication with your adviser, the experiences of the growth and development of your portfolio (unfortunately, not always in a positive direction) can better be weathered [...]

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ContinuumFP Values Referrals

ContinuumFP values referrals and recommendations  That ContinuumFP values referrals is almost an understatement. Personal referrals are the most highly prized feedback received by any business or service provider - and at Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd (ContinuumFP), we particularly value and respect the complement paid to us when satisfied clients refer their friends, family and other associates to us.  Referrals are highly treasured by our team – and we reiterate [...]

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Annuities underpin retirement income

Annuities underpin retirement income - and the certainty of that income - for many investors/ retirees: but what are annuities; and how can I benefit from having one? The following post describes the general application of annuities, but over time, new retirement income stream products are developed and it is wise to seek professional financial advice before entering into an annuity contract, to ensure that what you are securing is [...]

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