Budget Highlights 2013

Budget Highlights 2013 The following items, Budget Highlights 2013, were extracted from the 2013 Budget announcements by the Federal Treasurer, as likely to be of interest to our readers. We invite comments on any of the measures and, as usual, are available to review any that directly affect you to assess their impact on your wealth management (including estate planning) strategies. Budget Highlight: Taxation Measures - Replacement of existing Baby [...]

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Redundancy: some matters to consider

From time to time employers offer (or are committed to) redundancy payments for unscheduled termination of employment arrangements: there are a number of issues to consider if you are placed in this situation – taxation consequences for each of the elements of the payout; superannuation options that may be available; and how your payout might impact any entitlement to Centrelink support. (Voluntary Separation Packages (VSPs) will usually contain similar elements [...]

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Budget Highlights 2011

Budget Highlights 2011 is almost a misnomer: the content of the Budget this year was 'highly anticipated'. The Commonwealth Treasurer of the day, The Hon Wayne Swan delivered a Federal Budget for 2011-12, that contained no major surprises. The Government confirmed a range of previously announced tax, super and social security policy changes and introduced some new measures that could impact some investors. Below we have listed some of the key announcements [...]

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Income Maintenance Period

What is the Income Maintenance Period? 1 Income Maintenance Period (IMP) treats lump sum payments for outstanding leave and redundancy received at termination of employment as assessable income for the period relevant to the leave and the weeks of pay included in the redundancy. It gives rise to a period during which benefits may (and usually will) be precluded. The IMP commences on the day that you receive the leave [...]

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