Economic and Markets Outlook 2020

Introduction Our view of the economic and markets outlook for 2020 provides a background to the expectations we have for the 2020 calendar year and it will be reflected in the way we review and assess investment assets for retention in, or addition to, client portfolios – at least in the early phases of the year. This article expresses an opinion only, and any opinion/ quantification expressed should not be [...]

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Advance – December 2014 Quarterly Outlook with Patrick Farrell

The Advance December 2014 Quarterly Outlook was published on the Advance Asset Management website, but has since been removed as being out-of-date. This article is retained purely for record archiving purposes. An investment outlook reflecting on the December 2014 Quarter; and contemplating what that might mean for 2015, economically and from a markets perspective. Whilst past performance is no guarantee of future performance, the matters that affect performance can help build a [...]

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Super Fund fee comparisons

Are Super Fund fee comparisons able to be made in a way that is fair - and comparable? What is more important to you as a member of a superannuation fund: the net amount credited to your account after fees each year, or the actual amount of the fees regardless of how the fund performs? A fair go - is Industry Super Fund advertising giving that? What Industry Super fund [...]

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Financial year-end reflection

Where did it go? Financial year-end reflection is quite often useful when considering our investment portfolio - whether that is confined to superannuation account(s) or is diversified to include some non-superannuation investments. This article was written following the 2013 financial year-end: the comments are relevant to how we might reflect following each financial year. Five weeks after the end of the 2013 financial year it seemed that the financial year [...]

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Asset Markets Noise

Asset markets noise is a constant companion for investors, for their advisers; and for their service providers. Whilst the need for constant support for investors, encouraging them to avoid making ill-conceived, hasty decisions 'under fire' was more needed at the time of the Global Financial Crisis, the principles and strategies we proposed for investor clients at the time, are relevant in most market scenarios. In September 2008 we posted an [...]

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