How Centrelink treats Gifting.1 In order to prevent you from simply giving away your assets to qualify for age pension and other social security benefits, Centrelink and the Department of Veteran Affairs apply gifting rules that impact income support recipients. These rules can be summarised as follows: Two tests apply in respect of assets gifted: a maximum of $10,000 in gifts is allowed in a single financial year (for both [...]

Liquid Assets Waiting Period for Centrelink Allowances

What is the Liquid Assets Waiting Period test? 1 The Liquid Assets Waiting Period (LAWP) is a period that you must wait before being paid an allowance (Newstart, Sickness and Youth Training), if you have ‘liquid’ funds above the threshold. The maximum LAWP is 13 weeks and is applied from the date that your employment ceased. Liquid assets are any readily available funds, including those of your partner, which you [...]

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Newstart Allowance

What is the Newstart Allowance? Newstart Allowance1 (NSA) serves to support those who are actively seeking employment or participating in approved activities intended to increase your chances of finding paid employment. Newstart Allowance is a Commonwealth Government benefit administered by the Department of Human Services, through its Centrelink agency. Eligibility criteria for the Newstart Allowance Certain criteria must be met before the applicant becomes eligible and these include: Aged 22 [...]

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Compensation Preclusion Period

What is the Centrelink compensation preclusion period?1 A compensation preclusion period test will be applied to applicants for social security benefits who have received/ will receive compensation for injuries etc that have forced them out of the workforce. The extent of the preclusion period is calculated according to publicised criteria that can be found on the Services Australia website. The preclusion applies to benefits paid by Centrelink or the DVA. [...]

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