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This is a general advice disclaimer: for specific, personal advice, you should seek information based on your circumstances. The information contained on this site and any social media sites in the name of Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd, is general in nature and does not take into account personal circumstances, financial needs or objectives. Before acting on any information, you should consider the appropriateness of it and the relevant product having [...]

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Super Fund fee comparisons

Are Super Fund fee comparisons able to be made in a way that is fair - and comparable? What is more important to you as a member of a superannuation fund: the net amount credited to your account after fees each year, or the actual amount of the fees regardless of how the fund performs? A fair go - is Industry Super Fund advertising giving that? What Industry Super fund [...]

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Home mortgage servicability secured

"The affordability of homes in Australia is continuing to decline": this is how we introduced this post when it was first published in September 2011 - and it seems that the situation has only worsened, with home mortgage servicability more of an issue for families. The major issues for aspiring first home-owners are: the struggle to accumulate a deposit to take that first step towards 'every Australian's dream' (of owning their [...]

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Investment Markets volatility

Investment Markets volatility is often referred to in discussion as though the markets were actually living beings: it is said of them that they 'behave badly'; 'are rising'; 'are flying' and so on. Whilst we may recognise these as being metaphors for the activity that is taking place in the market places, they are not actions of the markets per se. The Markets are Manic!  This was a popular claim [...]

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