Investor confidence survey

Investor confidence survey results: on which investors? Investor confidence survey results are published by various analysts from time-to-time, as they try to determine the direction that investors might take a market over a given future period. For purposes of this article, investors are ‘ordinary folk’ like you and me - the type of person that our firm services as clients! As ‘ordinary folk’ we are bombarded on a daily basis [...]

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The value of financial planning advice

How do we decide we have received 'value'? The value of financial planning advice is not just perceived: it is a realised experience for most clients of professional financial planners. We are all conscious of the costs of things generally (whether they be 'goods' or 'services'): at the end of the day, we don’t want to spend our hard-earned money on anything that doesn’t give at least, perceived value. Sometimes [...]

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Share market volatility

Share market volatility Share market volatility is the reflection of the price action on a daily basis: price action reflects the trades that have been conducted during each day. Trades are made by market participants (traders, as well as investors) based on their portfolio needs, influenced by their perception of the state of the companies in which they deal. For some of the participants, their perception is based on research [...]

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