Investor risk profiling explained

At its core, investor risk profiling is a process used to assess the level of risk that an investor is willing to take with their financial assets.  The investable assets can be siloed, and a different risk profile applied to each group of assets; however, the overall risk profile of the entire portfolio should remain within the range tolerable to the investor. Each investment asset class has an array of [...]

Gearing wealth creation – capital gains

Wealth accumulation without breaking the Bank Gearing wealth creation has long been a popular investment strategy: the level of gearing employed significantly impacts the performance of the investment portfolio. Since the 2013 Federal election in Australia, when Negative Gearing was demonised as a cause for high housing cost and low affordability, there has been ‘chatter’ about the benefits accruing to those who utilise this wealth creation strategy; and the distortions that [...]

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Recommend ContinuumFP on Google and more

Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd wants to share You are invited to recommend ContinuumFP website and our social media channels to your family, your friends and your colleagues: and also to log into your Google account to recommend us on the Google search page. Continuum Financial Planners (ContinuumFP) readily shares the detailed and informative wealth management articles in its website articles Library (from which you are currently reading): and having [...]

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Risk Profiling for Investor confidence

Risk profiling applied, means better peace of mind for the investor Investor risk profiling is used to assess the level of aversion an investor has to the risks involved with the various investment markets and/ or asset classes into which they may be investing. Risk profiling is undertaken in a variety of formats, usually addressing attitude to risk in a general sense, but also exploring time horizons, adaptability to volatility - and [...]

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ContinuumFP Wealth Creation process

The ContinuumFP wealth creation process The ContinuumFP wealth creation process unites the skills and experience of our advisers and their support team, with the financial resources and expertise of our clients. What drives wealth creation? Wealth creation occurs when a number of elements combine to your financial benefit. These elements include implementation of sound investment strategies,  that bear in mind your personal and financial circumstances, available resources, your clearly articulated needs [...]

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