Economic and Markets Outlook 2021

This Economic and Markets Outlook 2021 is presented so that our clients and other followers have some insight into factors that will be in our minds as we construct, review and revise investment portfolios in 2021 – particularly during the first half of the year.  (If a day in politics is a long time, a forecast year in investment markets is an eternity!) 2021 - a year of financial intrigue, [...]

Successful investing disciplines

What are some successful investing disciplines? Successful investing disciplines are based on rules that have been proven over time, to result in portfolios that outperform relevant indices or the market generally. For our everyday lives, rules have been created for a number of reasons, one of which has been to provide for us to enjoy a relatively safe environment. The following rules from the manager of a managed fund in [...]

Investment market reflection – March 2011

What were investment conditions like in March 2011? Investment market reflection is a useful activity by which to enhance coping mechanism, particularly in times of volatility in markets: providing a guide to eventual outcomes, reminding us that for many reasons, volatility occurs – and over time, correct. Almost without doubt, the indicators were, just two years into the recovery from the GFC, that equities had been the recent best performer: [...]

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Interest Rate interest

Interest rate interest is rising Interest rate interest has risen in the post-GFC 'recovery' process, especially as those who are dependent on the income they receive from their investments is what is funding their lifestyle: their very existence! Australians should all be interested in what happens on the first Tuesday each month (not just on Melbourne Cup Day in November!), as we are all impacted in one way or another by the [...]

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Market prices indicate economic performance

That market prices indicate economic performance has once again proven correct in recent share and bond market movements: watch the move in market prices for a particular sector and the economic performance for that sector will most likely take that path within 5 to 9 months. Since early March (around 9th) this year (2009), the US and Australian equity markets have risen by more than 50% (at time of writing): [...]

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