Investment Markets strength

Investment markets strength is understood by technicians in the industry, to reflect the 'depth' and the 'liquidity' of the markets: those features are referenced in this article, but of greater interest to most investors is how market prices are performing. Geographically, the markets to which most of the funds Australians commit as investors, are located in Australia; and there is little dispute that the performance of those markets has been [...]

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Income Protection Insurance claim

Income Protection Insurance claims are a significant part of the annual payout by insurers: and a significant comfort to the insured and their dependants when their ability to earn is interrupted by health or other ‘issues’. Claims are paid to the insured during the term of the incapacity and relieve the financial strain of them and their dependants. Consider Ashley’s Story (1) Professional services provider Ashley was employed by a [...]

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Share market volatility

Share market volatility Share market volatility is the reflection of the price action on a daily basis: price action reflects the trades that have been conducted during each day. Trades are made by market participants (traders, as well as investors) based on their portfolio needs, influenced by their perception of the state of the companies in which they deal. For some of the participants, their perception is based on research [...]

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Stimulus package revitalises economy

The stimulus package provided by the Australian government is designed to revitalise our economy; and to secure the jobs of many Australians - and in doing so, to protect the investment into business and industry that provides those jobs. Have you received your ‘bonus’ from the government?How are you planning to ‘spend’ it? In a recent newsletter from the people at Vanguard Investments, an article by James Dunn (a financial [...]

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