Tax refund wisdom

Tax refund wisdom enhances wealth management Tax refund wisdom is exercised when you use your refund effectively and in recognition of how your taxable income has been calculated - and hopefully, strategically - and you recognise that it isn’t a gift from the ATO (or from the government)! It ensures that the refund isn't 'wasted' on discretionary spending, rather sees it used to enhance the attainment of financial goals. You [...]

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Investment success contributor: Tax Refund

An investment success contributor: tax refund apportioned to its contributing components - and deposited to the appropriate account! Ever thought about why you receive a tax refund? Has your next thought been about how best to use that refund? The answer to the first question is simply that you have paid more tax during the year than the tax payable on your final taxable income required. But why was that [...]

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